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The Championship Belt:

It is a symbol of Victory.
It is a sign of Highest Achievement.  
It shows that you are the Best
if you are looking for a Championship Belt for your any event to make a Glorious Memorable event, you may contact us to fulfill your requirement to produce a special Championship Belt. Contact Us..

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Welcome to the Agasi Martial Arts, a well-recognized name in the line of Martial Arts goods & Championship Belts manufacturing.
Agasi Martial Arts, a member of Agasi Group of Industries (Pvt.) Ltd., started the journey of Martial Arts Business in 1986 and it is owned by highly educated and experienced sports enthusiasts in the Sports Goods manufacturing industries. Read More

  1. Highest quality of Brass
  2. Highest quality of Pewter
  3. Highest quality of Copper
  4. Highest quality of SS (stain less steel)">

    responsive screensA Championship Belt primarily used in combat sports such as  Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Professional Wrestling to signify the Champions of the organization/Association/Championship, much like a cup or trophy in other sports. The first championship belt given as a prize for accomplishments within the ring was presented in 1810 by King George III to bare-knuckle boxer Tom Cribb, after he defeated Tom Molineaux, an American former slave.
    That was a beginning of a new era. The players, champions, organizers liked a Championship Belt more than any other awards. As a result making of Championship Belts was boost up.
    Now a days, not only boxing but many other sports associations ie banks, auto mobiles, other business companies etc… are also awarding Championship Belts in their annual tournaments or special events to their champions/Winners.

    There are several companies in the business of manufacturing championship belts.
    AGASI is one of the leading Championship Belts Manufacturing companies in the world, specifically designed to individual customer requirements.
    We specialize in custom made Championship Belts for wrestling, boxing, Kickboxing, Martial Arts, MMA, Special Event Belts, Fantasy Football, and other Sports Events Championship Belts. We have been supplying to the worldwide market with the highest quality of championship belts since 1986. We are here to offer you the best price of championship belt with precious quality.

    We are manufacturing Championship Belts in,WBC Championship Belt

    1. Highest quality of Brass
    2. Highest quality of Pewter
    3. Highest quality of Copper
    4. Highest quality of SS (stain less steel)

    Which can be nickel (silver) plated or gold plated with extra highest quality liquor shiny coated.

    The strap of championship belt:

    1. Genuine Real Leather (cowhide, top grade quality) with Embossed Tools Crafting designed
    2. Genuine Real Leather (normal grade quality) with Embossed Tools Crafting designed
    3. Synthetic Leather with extra Cushion Padding.

    The strap is available in any color such as black, red, blue, white, green. Custom colors & design are also available upon request. Our leather is embossed and our synthetic straps have a look and feel like leather designed to save our customers money those are looking for low budget belts.
    Durable stitching method:
    The stitching method on our belt strap is double & triple stitched with triple ply special thread. Belts with heavier plates require safer security with double or triple stitching. We do offer a single stitch option but more times use the double or triple stitch method. The end result is to assure AGASI customers the enjoyment of our products for years to come as our belts and straps will not come apart.
    Our Etching System: responsive screens
    AGASI has specific system where our design team provides fine etching with close attention to detail. We use traditional as well as modern methods to make the finest quality of championship belts.
    Plates attachment with the strap
    Simply put, our plates DON’T fall off! AGASI securely mounts the plates to the straps with screws (no rivets).
    What kind of guarantee does AGASI offer?
    Our QA (quality assurance) team doesn’t compromise on any quality issue.
    AGASI strives on superior customer service which will help our company grow. The best thing is to provide the written detailed specification of your requirement to AGASI sale department on the time of order confirmation, if you get the belt out of your requirement, immediately contact to AGASI customer care department to get the replacement.
    In a nutshell, we have the greatest customer service team in the business...PERIOD!

    Why do we put so much effort and time into the process of designing and making the belts?
    AGASI wants you to have the best product possible.
    That is why we put so much time and effort into producing your Championship Belt. We have a gauntlet of checks and balances that your product goes through before we send it packing. We promise whichever shipping you select, it will be worth the wait. Like any business, we want to expand and that starts with customer satisfaction!

We are manufacturing Championship Belts in,

  1. Highest quality of Brass
  2. Highest quality of Pewter
  3. Highest quality of Copper
  4. Highest quality of SS (stain less steel)

The belt comes with a beautiful wooden box (briefcase), made by velvet & synthetic Leather, inside protective cushion.


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